Coach K
Duke Men's Basketball Coach

"The Cameron Crazies, for me, have always been a part of the team. I call them the Sixth Man and I think they give us unbelievable support in tough moments. They are funny. They create a music or atmosphere in Cameron that is conducive to having a great game. They are not there to watch the game. They are there to be a part of the game. They take the game to another level and then they take our team or a person to another level."

Dick Vitale

"Cameron is the best place to play in the country. The Cameron Crazies set the tone and are emulated throughout America."

Sports Illustrated

"The undergraduates who pack Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium --- those wiseacres with the 1,400 SAT scores --- are as entertaining as the games. (Pity the visiting player who has been in the news for some malfeasance)... It's easy to win when you're playing six-on-five."

Greivis Vasquez
Former Maryland Player

"The funniest thing is when they started calling me names about my president in Venezuela, [Hugo] Chavez. They know the situation there. Our president is known as a guy who talks a lot, who doesn't like the president of the United States. They talk a lot of trash about that. I guess they do research and think, 'How can I get this guy?'"

D.J. White
Former Indiana Player

"They knew my real name. My real name is Dewayne. They knew my mother's name, my father's name. Somebody knew my girlfriend's name. That threw me off. I don't know how they knew that. It was weird."

Kyle Singler

"It's great to play in front of the Crazies. There's no other place like Cameron. They definitely help you out. Our fans are a sixth man for us, and you want to perform the best you can for them. With the electricity, excitement, intensity, you get so absorbed in the game."

The Charlotte Observer

"Cameron Indoor Stadium is a place where cheers live. It is where the Crazies congregate. It is the warm place the students seek when they sleep outside on cold winter nights, sacrificing for those two hours when the game is on and what you get there can't be found in a classroom. It is a place of communion, where believers gather to share what is uniquely theirs. It is a revival and a renewal, spiked by sharp humor and a shared will that invisibly but undeniably puts its imprint on the game."

Frank Haith
Missouri Head Coach

"I would hope that we would not be intimidated or in awe, but obviously something caused us to not want to execute and move. When the crowd got going, we didn't set screens. There's something that made that happen."

J.J. Redick

"I'm fortunate to play in front of the greatest fans in the country, the Cameron Crazies. I love them."

Brian Zoubek

"When you get out there in Cameron, you start really sweating and the crowd is so loud that you can't hear the plays. It is great for us because we are used to it by now, but the other players coming in aren't. It is an incredible environment."

Raleigh News & Observer

"On TV, the place looks stuffed with blue-faced undergraduates, each one hopping and shaking as if the next free throw could determine his or her dean's list placement. In person, the place is twice as rowdy and four times as noisy, a tickle-the-inside-of-your-ears kind of loud that would put a jackhammer to shame."

Andy Katz

"The students at Duke are the most creative and loyal in the country. The time they put into getting tickets and preparing themselves for each game as if it were a test puts them atop the list."

Christian Laettner

"The Cameron Crazies and the atmosphere they create in our gym is just unbeatable. When you combine the Duke Basketball team and the Duke program with Cameron and the Cameron Crazies, it's just a force that is tough to beat."


"The student section surrounds the court and there isn't a place more hostile in the country. It's always tough for any team to go in and get a win."

Ryan Reid
Florida State

"I told them, 'You think our place is loud, but it doesn't compare to Duke. Because their place is much, much smaller. You've got guys taking the ball out and you've got (students) almost touching you."

Chris Ballard
Sports Illustrated

"Being in the bleachers in Cameron feels like surfing a tsunami."

Jon Scheyer

"Walking into Cameron every day, you see all the people outside that care about this game so much and have dedicated so many things to you and the team and Duke. It's very easy for us to get ready for the game and focus; it's the least we can do. As much as we want to win for ourselves, we want to win for the fans and for the people out there in Krzyzewskiville because they've been unbelievable supporting us, camping out. It's great."

Carlos Boozer

"I will tell you, from start to finish, our fans would jump in the stands, you could feel the floor rattling, you couldn't hear what was going on because the fans were so loud. It is THE best environment for any kid to play or watch college basketball."

Crazies Defined

For the 70+ years that Duke Basketball has called Cameron "home," the Crazies have had the best "seats" in the house. The Crazies stand all game, jumping up and down and cheering furiously, often clad in blue and white body paint, distracting costumes and/or huge blue wigs. The best Sixth Man in America is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Throughout the years, the Crazies have invented cheers such as "air ball" while always arriving early to help set the tone for Duke before the ball is tipped. In January through March, you can find the most loyal Crazies living in Krzyzewskiville, a makeshift tent city founded in 1986. The dedication and energy of the Crazies makes Cameron the most fun place to play and watch basketball.


A game in Cameron Indoor Stadium is unlike any other sporting event. The creativity of the Crazies is unmatched. Inside Cameron, you not only remember what the players did (remember that crazy dunk by Gerald Henderson!) but also walk away with entertaining Crazie memories (Speedo Guy? The Gorilla? Trumpet Guy? Crazy Towel Guy? etc.)

Crazies in K-Ville

Arguably the most loyal fans in college sports are the Crazies who decide to live in a tent for 2-8 weeks so they can stand front and center for UNC at Duke. These Crazies provide inspiration on gameday and also every day beforehand when our players walk by their tents on the way to practice. K-Ville was founded in 1986 and sits in the shadows of Cameron Indoor and the Schwartz-Butters Center.

Our House

There is a reason both ESPN and Sports Illustrated selected Cameron as the best basketball venue in the world...

Sights and sounds like these are tough to top.

Crazie Moments

Expect the unexpected in Cameron as the Crazies rally together and the Duke community unites as one to root for Duke.

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