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Cameron Indoor Stadium is the best basketball venue in America -- according to Sports Illustrated, ESPN and of course all of us here. Cameron has been the home of Duke Basketball since 1940, hosting some of the game's all-time great players, moments, coaches, and games. History is made here in front of the most passionate fans in college basketball.

Cameron History

Cameron Quotes

"Playing in Cameron is one of the best things about Duke Basketball. It's a great, great atmosphere. That's a wonderful feeling for a player. The Cameron Crazies are a part of us. Every game, they had you wondering what they were going to do or think of next. It was always a great atmosphere to play in."

- Chris Duhon
(Played in Cameron: 2000-2004)

"Cameron Indoor Stadium is a special place in sports and there's really nothing else out there quite like it. Anytime I'm inside Cameron, I've got memories. Cameron is like Yankee Stadium or the old Boston Garden."

- Grant Hill
(Played in Cameron: 1990-1994)

"I like the classic look of it inside and outside. From the outside, you can't tell it's a gym. Then you go in and the seats are right on top of you. All these jerseys and banners are hanging in there. It's really old school. It's like a field of dreams thing. I come in at nights, maybe the night before a game, and just shoot by myself with the lights off."

- J.J. Redick
(Played in Cameron: 2002-2006)

"There is nothing like playing in Cameron Indoor. I've dribbled the ball up the court and the floor is shaking."

- Bobby Hurley
(Played in Cameron: 1989-1993)

"Cameron is the most unique basketball arena in the world. I don't think there is anything like it. You can turn on an NBA game during the playoffs, and they will say this is as close to Cameron Indoor Stadium as the NBA ever gets. You are watching an NBA game and they are referencing Cameron. People talk about Cameron in the same breath as Wrigley field when they are talking about baseball."

- Jay Bilas
(Played in Cameron: 1982-1986)

"Cameron isn't the biggest coliseum you will play in but it is the most energetic and it has the most history. You can just feel it coming in here. It is like playing in the most electric high school game you have ever played in multiplied by 100. Other schools try to emulate what Duke does, but there is only one Cameron Indoor Stadium and one Cameron Crazies."

- Shavlik Randolph
(Played in Cameron: 2002-2005)

"Cameron is unbelievable. Watching on TV, you can't get a true appreciation for what it is really like. Even when I came as a recruit to watch a game, I still didn't understand. But when you are on the court and you have the Cameron Crazies behind you and the crowd, it takes you to another level."

- Jon Scheyer
(Played in Cameron: 2006-2010)

"Cameron was one of the reasons that I came to Duke. The Cameron Crazies and the atmosphere they create in our gym is just unbeatable. When you combine the Duke Basketball team and the Duke program with Cameron and the Cameron Crazies, it's just a force that is tough to beat. That's why all the Duke teams have been so good over the last twenty years."

- Christian Laettner
(Played: 1988-1992)

"I have played in arenas all over the world and for me Cameron is by far the best place to play primarily because of the support you get from the Crazies. They come out every game regardless of whether you are playing a low-level DI team or North Carolina. Every game is an event, it is loud every game, and they support you every play. They don't take a play off."

- Trajan Langdon
(Played in Cameron: 1994-1999)

"Cameron has a soul. It has a spirit. Most buildings don't have life to them. Cameron Indoor Stadium breathes life. Even empty, it feels like someone is playing and I never feel alone. That is its spirit."

- Coach K
(Coached in Cameron since 1980)

Cameron Chaos

Toughest Road Game in America

Home Sweet

  • Longest sellout streak in all of basketball (college or NBA), dating back to 1990.
  • 95-4. Duke's home record this decade.
  • 11 undefeated seasons by Coach K-led Duke teams in Cameron
  • 18 seasons out of the past 24, in which Duke has raised a banner in Cameron for a Final Four or ACC championship
  • 52 banners sent to the rafters during Coach K's career - 5 NCAA titles, 12 Final Fours, 13 ACC Tournament crowns, 12 ACC regular-season titles, 9 retired jerseys, 8 Final No. 1 rankings
  • 116 consecutive home wins by Duke over non-conference foes, dating back to 2000 - Duke has 108 straight home wins over unranked non-league teams

*Accurate as of 2015-16 season

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